Wednesday, December 12, 2007

E-Mails sent.....

Woo Hoo!!! All the emails have been sent into cyber space - whoosh ------ If you have not gotten one then please let me know and I will resend it.

I have had a couple of questions.

1). This year 2008 is for birthday surprises only - last year 2007 was a BD and Holiday surprises, now, if you want to surprise your partner for the holidays that would fine.

2). Once you have mailed your package to your partner then PLEASE post here so that I know that it is on its way and can check it off the list.

I am so pleased that everyone is excited and happy with the job I am doing.

Let me know if there is anything or any questions anyone has.
You should e-mail me if there are.

edgarmatt @ g mail dot com

Take care,


Nelapx said...

Please Edgar for information all
Above all do not be hurt, because it is not the idea, I only want to clarify.
To the person who sent me touch exchange this coming year, either:
Hooked on Exchanging, Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club, SQEBB, magical friends, or my blog, know that economic problems in my country, due to change in the quota assigned the government annually ($ 3500, to step $ 400 ). Everything you send, as a gift apart from the embroidery, will be purchased in my country ...
My country has little embroidery, but I can offer a rich coffee and chocolate. My intention is agradarte in what might, but not send things bought on the web by this problem, you will receive only things that get inside my country ... Sorry ... But please be assured no failure in my work, and try to compensate .....
links gobiern

Lillie said...

Hi Edgar
Could you looked into my e-mail to you urgently please?

Am getting worried by the day!