Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank You Leena!

Just look at the fantastic birthday exchange I received from Leena. I love my little stitched catkin. Inside are lots of great buttons and rose bows. Leena also sent a cute chart, some great Bohin scissors that don't show up well in the snap, fabric and trim, and a notepad. All these goodies were packed in the pretty tin, which will no doubt hold lots of my stash. Again, thank you so much Leena!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank you Srinity!

Look at this lovely package that arrived from Srinity in Finland! I LOVE IT!!! Christmas Row by Bent Creek is a pattern that I wanted to stitch for myself someday and now I don't have to. Plus, she made it into a wonderful wallhanging that I cannot wait to put on the wall this Christmas.
She included some other treats as well: fabric, CHOCOLATE, Red Thread pattern off my wishlist, thread holders, a kitty ornament, and some very cute scissors which immediately went into service. This was a wonderful treat for me! Thank you very much!
P.S. Did I mention the chocolate was scrumptious?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanks Kathy

I received my packaged today. Since my birthday is not for a month, i have put it away for now. But might open it on a really bad day

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Package in the mail!

FYI, my partner's package is on it's way as of yesterday ~ hope she likes it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Exchange Received

I received my birthday exchange from Judith in the Netherlands today. She stitched a Spring design that she quilted into a project pocket. This will come in very handy to keep my threads and scissors for small projects. I love it! She also sent generous cuts of linen which will be useful for future projects.
Thanks Judith!

Package on the way

My package started it's journey today, it should arrive in time. Hopefully the birthday girl likes everything, I enjoyed stitching and choosing what to send :)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Package on it's way to it's new home

A certain birthday package went out in the mail today. I will be heading for Arizona soon and wanted to make sure this package was on it's way before I left. I know it is early. Let's see if she will wait or open it right away lol.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thankyou Melissa

Sorry I'm late but I have been away and just got back this afternoon, so a picture will follow, but I wanted Melissa to know that her most wonderful, wonderful parcel had arrived safely and that I love everything - I will take photos in a bit and put them on for you all to see.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A birthday gift from Stephanie

This year I received my gift from Stephanie in England. It arrived well before my birthday but I didn't get to the post office to pick it up until after I came back home from my trip to London. I got quite excited on my way back home from the post office seeing the return address on the big box was Stephanie's. I had sent her an crazy exchange once and the return exchange she sent back was so beautifully stitched and finished.

Once I opened my gift I was in for a special surprise. I couldn't believe my own eyes, the box was filled with lots of small packets, everything wrapped individually. And whow, Stephanie well and truly spoiled me at my birthday, so many stitching treats.

Stephanie had stitched me not one but 5 items. She chose to stitch from Autumn Leaves by the Prairie Schooler. She made me a beautiful pinkeep, a needlebook, a scissor fob and two thread keepers. Everything is so beautifully stitched and finished, those items are just perfect. Here is a picture of the stitched items.
Stitched beauties from Stephanie

And the box was filled with extra goodies. I received 2 lovely fabric pieces, 2 pieces of cotton fabric for finishing and another piece of fleece fabric. Some monster magnets, 2 blocks of chocolate, lots of ribbons, a lovely orange thread, some thicker ribbons, some pins for finishing, metal rings, a beautiful floral box that I put my ribbons in. And lots of balloons, some birthday candles and confetti. Here is a picture.
Bd goodies from Stephanie

And this wasn't all as Stephanie also sent me 3 patterns from my wish list. Alphabeth Pumpkin by JBW Designs, Christmas Biscornu by Just Nan and Where Stitchers Gather by The Victoria Sampler. And she also sent the threads and embellishments needed for Where Stitchers Gather.
Charts from Stephanie

Words can't really describe the feeling I felt when I had opened all my gifts and saw all this stitching stash sitting in front of me. I was overwhelmed, thank you ever so much Stephanie. You have made my birthday very special this year and I wish I could give you a hug and thank you properly. I really love my birthday gift from you, I am truly being spoiled by you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Exchange Mailed... Twice

I sent my package off to my partner some time ago, but it came back because I coppied the address incorrectly. Silly me! I just finished repackaging and adding goodies and am off to the post office as we speak (don't worry, hubby is driving). I hate to spoil the suprise, but I don't want for my partner to think that I forgot. Happy Birthday dear Tracy, enjoy your day!

Amy Varnell-Miller

Happy Birthday to Me

My fabulous prize from Paula D. has arrived "up north." (I only think that's funny because I'm from NH originally, and the dude and I hike the Mason Dixon line every once in a while.) I've blogged about my special birthday gifts here.

Thanks, again, Paula!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Package on its way

One Birthday gift started its journey from Finland to its destination last week. I'm sorry it will be late. I hope the person who gets it likes it. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank You Su

I received a wonderful Birthday present from Su - here is a snap...

Su stitched a lovely bag, strawberry and small reindeer pyn pillow - included where some super stitching goodies!! Thank you so much Su I love everything!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank You Anna S.

I received a package in the mail today from Anna S. I read her post yesterday so I knew what it was. Now, I could wait a few days, maybe, but there is no way I could wait 3+ weeks. So...I opened it.

OMG! It was wonderful. Anna, you really checked me out because everything is so me.

First there was this...

It is so beautiful. The stitching and the finishing. And, it is purple. WOW. Then, there was all of this...

A very cute pattern of pumpkins, pink fabric--love this--great for my pink stitches, lots of purple threads--2 different silks, Weeks, Sampler Threads, Crescent Colors and Impressions. Great colors. And, a hedgehog. He is so cute!

I probably should have waited but I just couldn't and since I was having kind of a blah day, I thought why not.

Thank you so much, Anna. I love everything and I can tell you really put alot of thought into it as everything fits me to a tee!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Package winging its long way... someone who will receive it most probably much too early... but for family reasons, I had to post it in a little in advance, it was actually sent last week. Dear someone who will find a package from abroad one of these days in your mailbox, please decide whether you want to open it early or wait till your special day!

anna s.

Package on its way!

My package is taking a grand tour from the south to the north!
Happy Birthday!
Paula D

Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday package sent

My package is winging away to my partner. I hope she will enjoy the pressies as much as I've enjoyed selecting them for her! Best wishes to the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday to... ???

Hello all, I'm off to the post office just now to post off my exchange. Hope you enjoy it birthday girl!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look out, look out

There is a parcel winging its way to the US from the UK for my birthday partner, a little late in sending I know, but it should arrive just after the recipients birthday. - It'll make the occasion last a little longer I hope. Sorry about the late sending its just I couldn't get a lift to the Post Office until now