Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thank You Anna S.

I received a package in the mail today from Anna S. I read her post yesterday so I knew what it was. Now, I could wait a few days, maybe, but there is no way I could wait 3+ weeks. So...I opened it.

OMG! It was wonderful. Anna, you really checked me out because everything is so me.

First there was this...

It is so beautiful. The stitching and the finishing. And, it is purple. WOW. Then, there was all of this...

A very cute pattern of pumpkins, pink fabric--love this--great for my pink stitches, lots of purple threads--2 different silks, Weeks, Sampler Threads, Crescent Colors and Impressions. Great colors. And, a hedgehog. He is so cute!

I probably should have waited but I just couldn't and since I was having kind of a blah day, I thought why not.

Thank you so much, Anna. I love everything and I can tell you really put alot of thought into it as everything fits me to a tee!


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