Monday, March 10, 2008

Don;t forget to post!!!!

Just a quick reminder about posting. You should post twice Once when you send off your BD package to your partner and the second time when you receive you BD exchange.
There are three reasons for these postings.

1) When you send it I can mark it as sent and keep track of its progress.
2). So that your partner knows that you received you BD surprise,
as the mail system can get weird
3) So that everyone can see what is being sent and received.

I think #3 is very important as this is part of the fun with this exchange in seeing just what this talented group of stitchers comes up with. If for some reason you are unable to post just let me know and I can get out another invite to the group or look into what the problem might be.



1 comment:

Carol said...

Just hoping my exchange sent to Sherry in Canada way back on 1/14/08 will eventuall arrive....