Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Birthday exchange from Amy

Hi all,

I'm home again, from a wonderful vacation in France. We had great weather, so we didn't do much... ;) I hardly didn't stitch either! It was too hot, or too windy, or too late in the evening... Instead of that I read two books of Jennifer Chiaverini (Round Robin and Cross Country Quilters).

On May 4th it was my Birthday and it was fun to celebrate it on the camping, together with my family and some other camping-guests.

Today I received this wonderful exchange from Amy:

Amy made me a wonderful pinkeep from a Samsarah Design which was on my wishlist. She also sent some charts from my wishlist, some charms and some great birdhouse-quilt fabric! Thank you Amy!

I'm wandering.... was it my Birthday? Or was it Birdhouse-day? :)))

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