Monday, August 25, 2008

Here is the 2009 SBBC Information -

Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club

Sign ups are between August 29th and September 26th. The week of September 29th you will receive a partners name for a Birthday and you are responsible for sending that person a Birthday gift. You don’t stitch/buy for everyone – just the name you receive.

The Guidelines are fairly simple….. When you sign up – you must stay in the club a full year and/or until your gift is sent to the name you receive. You are required to send the gift within a week of the recipients Birthday. There are no requirements as to how much or how little you send or the dollar amount you spend – that is left up to each individual – however keep in mind you may not receive as much as you send. Something else to remember is that this is an International exchange. For information or ideas about what the person you are sending to likes you should check out the recipient’s blog and or wish list to help you decide what send. It will be a secret as to who is sending to whom. You will receive your partner info after sing-ups close during the week of September 29th.

There are really only THREE things that are important for each participant to know and they are….. that you - 1) Send your package so that it will arrive with the week of your partners birthday, 2) You should blog when you send the package – so I can know it was sent, 3) Blog when you receive your gift – so that the sender and I will know that it has arrived. An e-mail of thanks would also be nice as well. To keep this fair if you fail to follow through with your commitment of sending to your partner, you will be removed from the club without the opportunity to rejoin.

If you are interested and to make sure you get to participate in the 2009 SBBC, please send your info to me at the following email – edgar matt @ gmail . com (remove spaces) – NO later then September 26, 2008. Your email will need to include the following: Your Name, mailing address, birth date, blog url, and a wish list or your likes/interest).

The program will officially start in January 1, 2009. ALL Stitching Bloggers are welcome to participate; this is an international club so everyone is welcome!!!!!

Thank you for your interest and encouragement!!!!! Please feel free to share the link/info on your blog so that all our friends that want to join will have the opportunity.



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