Saturday, January 31, 2009

My birthday pressie....

...arrived on Thursday, one day early to my perfect,-))) And I can´t wait a day, so I opened it immediately:-)) It was such a large package and it came from Pirjo in Finland;-)) There were tons of goodies inside:

Two charts of my wishlist, several soaps, a candle which my little one wanted to eat because it looks like a cake;-)), two large pieces of fabric, a felt heart which is that nice;-) ; jelly and chocolate, sorry the chocolate doesn´t make it in one piece onto the pic, and finally two stitched pieces from Beardie designs, which are on my wishlist too...Pirjo, you made my birthday very special with lots of thoughts what I will like...and I like all things you sent;-)) it was sooo much fun to unwrap and see what else is there....thanks a lot and a big hug,


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Pike said...

I'm so glad the gift arrived in time! As I said, this was my first SBBC and I had such fun going through your wishlist. Let's be in touch!