Saturday, March 7, 2009

I just got a beautifull package from Laura. I just love everything she send me. First the beautifull stitching pocket she made for me. She had to use 3 sewing problems as she had problems with the finishing. But it is beautifull done. Just watch the beautifull over one stitching and the buttons are from her grandmothers button jar. Isn't it a beauty.
Than all the beautifull goodies. I somehow misplaced the beads when making the pic, but she also send me 4 packages of beads that were on my wishlist. Also a skien from thread gathere that was on my wishlist and some nice GAST threads.
Than a sheperd's bush needleroll that was on my wishlist. Than the LHN quilting chartpack as I am a quilting queen (her words not mine), A shop exclusive kit from shperd's bush "A gentle garden" with framing mats and it is beautifull, will be a joy to stitch this this spring/summer. Than a cut fob from sheperd's bush with scissors attached to them and than she made me also a beautifull strawberry emery/fob. I love the garden theme she used for my birthdaypackage and I am just in shock and so so happy. Thank you Laura for this beautifull package which really made my day today.

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Hazel said...

Beautiful gift and goodies too. Happy birthday! x