Saturday, July 5, 2008

Look what Nela sent me for my birthday!

OMGosh! Nela, thank you so much! I love this! It is a coffee/teapot, it is unbelievable the detail this piece has. She also sent me coffee, candy, plus a silky bag filled with assorted ribbons, floss, beads, trinkets and crystals! Nela outdid herself! Thank you again! My neighbor speaks Spanish so I'm gonna get her to translate my card! Super job!!!!!




Nelapx said...

It says, among many things, that cost me decide to make, switch 3 times the design, which this takes me longer. then I apologize for not sending things purchased outside my country, my country is difficult to get sewing thread, because a lot more thread embroidery, this kit was never seen, and I have problems of limited government purchase foreign currency, and use my quota. That he made a coffeemaker that lei love cappuccino, and that the coffee was opened and had room for but a thimble tube stability problems that unite the upper and lower parts where besides carrying a box of needles. What I hope you like. and for me has been very charming do something special for you

Nelapx said...

FOB is the original glass Swarosky, not sending scissors that none of that exists here

DaisyGirl said...

Thank you Nela! I love all of it!!!

Lillie said...

Wow! amazing. This is very unique.