Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthday packages

Just wanted to let you know that my birthday recipient will have two packages arriving. One is coming from an USA online shop and the other package will come directly from Iceland. Please be on the lookout and I hope you will like your gifts.

All the best,

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heidistitches said...

Hi Edda,

I just got home from the dentist, my mouth is sore, I've got a headache, and just feeling yucky. I go out to my mailbox, and the package from 123 Stitch is in the mail (as I'm trying to remember what I ordered!!), and then I see the note that it's from you as part of my birthday package. Well, all of a sudden I feel much, much better and I'm smiling! This came at the perfect time, thank you. Once I receive your other package I will post pics. Thanks again